Administration Management

  • The Indispensable Administrative Professional
  • Personal Effectiveness for Administrative Professionals ~ Managing Time, Projects and Communications
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • SCOPE – System for Creating Organizational and Personal Effectiveness
  • Time Management
  • Enhanced Productivity Skills


  • Dynamic and Effective Public Speaking
  • Effective Communications
  • Making an Impact with Presentations and Training
  • Mapping Business Communications
  • The Communication Competency Course

Team Building

  • Building High-Performance Workshops ~ Strengthening Organisations through Individual Efffectiveness
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Creating an Effective Team for a Growing Business
  • Engaging Employees: Building Commitment and Collaboration
  • High Performance Teambuilding
  • Leadership and Team Building Project Management Workshop
  • Making Difference Work: Understanding Yourself and Others through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Motivating for Team Success
  • Teams that Work: Building Creative Collaborations ~ Seeing Opportunities, Generating Alternatives
  • Understanding your Team, Understanding Yourself

Management Development

  • Applying Trouble Shooting Logic ~ Solving Problems, Making Decisions and Implementing Plans
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Change Management via Critical Leadership Thinking
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Effective Team Leadership
  • Frontline Supervision Development Workshop
  • Gaining Workplace Advantage
  • Leadership Development ~ Building Commitment and Collaboration
  • Leadership Skills for the Experienced Manager
  • Management Skills for the New Manager
  • Managerial Leadership
  • Managerial Problem Solving
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Performance Potential ~ Becoming an Effective Self-Leader
  • Problem Solving Tools and Techniques
  • Process Mapping and Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma
  • Supervisory Development
  • Toolkit for the Successful Supervisor

Human Resource Development

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Achieving Performance Excellence
  • Appraising Performance
  • Building High Performance Cultures
  • Coaching and Mentoring ~ Effective Techniques to Coach and Re-Direct
  • Designing Effective Training Plans
  • Growing your People ~ Delegating, Coaching, Setting Goals & Communication
  • Hiring and Orientation
  • HR Toolkit Series
  • Improving Human Performance
  • Managing People and Performance Development ~ Aligning Performance to Corporate Objectives
  • Mentoring for Success ~ Effective Techniques to Bring out the Best Talent in your Organisation
  • Performance Management: Maximizing Employee Performance
  • Performance Measurements ~ A Strategic and Tactical Gauge for Accountability
  • Performance Systems Analysis ~ Performance Engineering, Diagnostics for Effective Human Performance Systems
  • Productivity and Accomplishment
  • Selecting Success ~ How to use Behavioural Interviews to Improve Your Selection Choices
  • Train the Trainer
  • Training: Developing the Function and Managing the Process
  • Work Process Analysis and Improvement

Customer Service Excellence

  • Blazing Service
  • Providing Superior Customer Service
  • Supreme Service
  • World Class Service ~ Memorable Service from ‘the Inside Out’

Business Development

  • CRM Health check Diagnostic Assessment Workshop
  • Developing Procedures, Policies and Documentation
  • Fundamentals of CRM Concepts
  • Implementing a Customer Segmentation Strategy
  • Product Decision Making
  • Real Strategic Planning
  • The Leader within ~ How to Build Trust and Rapport with Clients

Negotiations Management

  • Effective Negotiations ~ Influencing others and creating collaborative Agreements through Effective Communications
  • Improving your Purchasing Negotiation Skills
  • Negotiating Skills for Women
  • Negotiation Skills Development
  • Negotiation Skills for Everyone
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Purchasing Negotiation

Change Management

  • Managing Change & Conflict ~ Effectively Handling Conflict in a Time of Change
  • Managing Conflict, Change and Handling Difficult People
  • Preparing People for Change

Sales, Marketing, Branding, Product Planning

  • Competitive Marketing
  • Customer Focused Selling
  • Effective Sales Management
  • Exceptional Sale Performance
  • Fear Free Prospecting and Self Promotion Workshop ~ Overcome Sales Reluctance
  • Field Sales Action Planning
  • Fundamentals of Modern Marketing
  • Managing Your Sales Team
  • Profitable Service Marketing
  • Sales Management Concepts and Practices
  • Services Marketing
  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Strategic Product Planning ~ Positioning for Success


  • Advanced Purchasing and Supply Management Techniques
  • Analytical Methods for Purchasing Professionals
  • Effective Purchasing Negotiation Skills
  • Fundamentals of Purchasing
  • How to Purchase Effectively: Applying Practical Steps from Start to Finish
  • Improving Supplier Performance
  • International Purchasing and Materials Management
  • Negotiations for Buyers and Procurement Personnel
  • Supplier Certification, A Tool for Obtaining Customer & Supplier Improvements
  • Understanding Purchasing and Supply Contracts


  • Accounting Finance and Metrics for Lean Manufacturing
  • Finance for Non-Finance Manufacturing

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Import / Export Logistics: Advanced Traffic Management
  • Lean Practices for Improving the Supply Chain
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Management

  • Advanced Stores and Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management and Control Techniques
  • Just in Time Lean Manufacturing
  • Management Skills for Warehouse Supervisors
  • Managing and Improving Warehouse Operations
  • Supplier / Vendor Managed Inventories ~ How to Get the Best Result
  • Warehouse Operations and Inventory Management

Operations Training for Factories, Plants & Utility Installations

  • Fundamentals of Facilities Management
  • Production and Operations Management for Factories and Plants
  • Benchmarking and Metrics for Lean Manufacturing
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Production and Service Operations Management Business Process Improvement
  • Quick Changeover (Set-Up Reduction), Challenging Our Methods
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Strategic Scheduling for Lean Manufacturing
  • The Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • How to Design Kanban Systems
  • Improving Warehouse Operations ~ Layout and Operations of a Lean Warehouse
  • Introduction to Six Sigma ~ How Six Sigma Improves the Bottom Line
  • Lean Administration ~ Improving Performance in Non-Manufacturing Operations
  • Plant Layout and Work cell Design for Lean Manufacturing
  • Process and Value Stream Mapping
  • Production Activity Control

Maintenance Management

  • Breakthrough in Vehicle Fleet Maintenance
  • Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Management for Buildings and Facilities
  • Maintenance Management for Factories and Process Industry
  • Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers
  • Optimizing Maintenance Inventories
  • Plant Shut Down and Turnaround Planning
  • Port Equipment Maintenance for Line Personnel
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Total Productive Maintenance ~ Finding Hidden Capacity in Your Current Assets

Shipping Legislation and Documentation

  • Legal Aspects of Commercial Shipping
  • Marine Insurance and Cargo Claims
  • Understanding The Bill of Lading
  • Charter Party Workshop
  • Fundamentals of International Freight Forwarding
  • Fundamentals of Port and Maritime Law
  • Ship Agency Management

Handling Hazardous Materials Technical Training

  • IMDG
  • Air Shipper Workshop
  • Blocking and Bracing
  • Handling and Warehousing Hazardous Materials ~ Management and Stowage of Hazmats